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YingYee Machinery and Technology Service Co Ltd is specialized in metal process equipments We focus on international market and abide by international business rules and regulations strictly Our team is strong in design research sale and service in metal process equipment Our reputation and reliability are solid thanks to customer feedbacks and their returning for more business Experience YingYee has provided metal process machines to more than 30 countries mainly in US and South America Our machines and services enjoy excellent feedbacks from satisfied customers who come back to us to long term collaborations In fact the rate of repurchase is more than 80 Warranty All the machines from...

Categories and Products

Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Roof Sheet Forming Machine steel aluminum corrugated roll forming machine High quality sheet machine corrugated roll forming machine Metal roofing galvanized roof sheet rolling machine Building material corrugated making machine corrugated galvanized roof sheets rolling machine corrugated sheet wall cold roll forming machine Roof Sheet Corrugated Making Machine galvanized roofing sheet corrugated forming machine corrugated roofing sheet making machine PPGI corrugated roofing roll forming machine corrugated roof sheet machine with PLC Metal Corrugated Roof Sheet Forming Machine Automatic galvanized corrugated roofing sheet machine Galvanized corrugated roof sheet forming machine Professional corrugated roll forming machine in stock Corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine roofing panel corrugated roll forming machine Corrugated sheet metal roof sheet roll forming machine Heavy duty corrugated metal steel roofing machine 

Trapezoid Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Metal galvanized IBR trapezoid roll forming machine IBR roof sheet cold roll forming machine Roofing Sheet Color Coated Steel Roll Forming Machine New technology roof tile Ibr roll forming machine Most popular Trapezoid Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Trapezoid Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine trapezoid metal roll forming machine metal IBR roof sheet roll forming machine Corrugation Wave Metal Sheet Roll Forming Machine colorful steel plate roll forming machine trapezoid sheet IBR metal roofing making machine Building Material Ibr Roof Sheet Making Machine IBR colored roofing sheet roll forming machine Full automatic roofing sheet roll forming machine Factory prices high precision IBR trapezoid roofing machine automatic trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine Fully automatic metal roof trapezoidal making machine glalvanized glazed trapezoidal roll forming machine galvanized tile roofing forming machine color steel trapezoidal tile cold roll forming machine 

Glazed Tile Roof Sheet Forming Machine

Metal Glazed tile roof sheet making machine Glazed Tile Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine Produced Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine High Working Speed Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine PPGI glazed tile roll forming machine Roof Sheet Roll Froming Machine Glazed Tiles Roof Making Machine Cold Bending Steel Roof Machine Tile Tiles Making Building Material Machinery Glazed Tile Roof Sheet Machine Automatic Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Glazed Tile Roof Panel Machine PPGI Glazed Tile Roofing Making Machine Roof Sheet Machine Glazed Sheet Forming Machine New Finished Glazed Tile Roofing Sheet Machine Glazed Tile Steel Roofing Making Machine Color Steel Glazed Tile Rolling Machine Glazed Sheet Roll Forming Machine Color Steel Glazed Tile Forming Machine 

Ridge Cap Tile Roll Forming Machine

hydraulic system Ridge cap tile roll forming machine Ridge Cap Roof Tile Metal Forming Machine Hydraulic Ridge Cap Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Ridge cap sheet metal roll forming machine Galvanized steel ridge cap tile roll forming machine Aluminium Metal Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine Ridge cap tile roll forming machine for sale Tile Roof Ridge Cap Roll Forming Machine Galvanized Metal Iron Roof Ridges Capping Metal Roof Ridge Capping Making Machine Aluminum Steel Roof Ridge Cap Forming Machine Ridge Cap Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Roof Tile Metal Sheet Forming Machine Metal Ridge Cap Roll Former Metal Ridge Cap Making Machine Aluminum Ridge Cap Making Machine Color Metal Ridge Cap Making Machine Aluminum Ridge Cap Rolling Machine Roof Ridge Cap Rolling Machine Colored Metal ridge cap making machine 

Double Layer Roll Forming Machine

Double layer roll forming machine IBR profiles double layer roofing forming machine double layer roof sheet roll forming machine automatic double layer roof sheet forming machine CE certification double layer cold roll forming machine double deck double layer roof sheet forming machine Color Coating Steel Roll Forming Machine Sheet Metal Forming Machine Double Layer Roof Aluminium Sheet Making Machine Metal Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine Tile Arc Steel Sheet Roll Forming Machine Metal Roof Machine For Sale Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine Roofing Sheet Forming Galvanized Steel Machine Two Layer Step Tile Corrugated Arc Machine Roof Material Steel Tile Sheet Rolling Machine Roofing Tiles Corrugated Sheet Wall Panel Machine Double deck roll forming machine double layer glazed tile roll forming machinery Double Layer Iron Sheets Forming Machine 

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

automatic floor deck roll forming machine floor deck roll forming machine for building Steel Structure Floor Deck Roof Making Machine Galvanized floor deck roll forming machine Automatic Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine Fast speed Steel deck roll forming machine Sheet Metal Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Full Automatic Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Hydraulic Metal Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine Floor Decking Metal Profile Equipment Machine automatic building metal floor decking making machine Most popular floor decking roll making machine Universal Joint floor deck roll forming machine Decking Roll Forming Machine Galvanized Roof Panel Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine hydraulic cutting floor deck tile forming machinery Hebei Operator metal deck roll forming machine Factory prices steel decking forming machine floor decking roll forming machine auto stacker European standard steel floor forming machine 

C/Z/U Purlin Changeable Roll Forming Machine

Quick changeable C/Z purlin roll forming machine Gear drive automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machine Z shape purlin roll forming machinery High precision z-purlin roll forming machine automatic c purlin roll forming machine Hot sale c/z purlin roll forming machine C/Z Purlin Cold Making Machine Purlin Roll Forming Machine for C/Z 100-300mm C AndZ purlin roll forming machine fully automatic C/Z purlin roll forming machine C/Z purlin roll forming machine PPGI Aluminum C purlin roll forming machine Fully automatic CZU purlin roll forming machine c purlin roll forming machine C/Z purlin metal roll forming machine CZU steel purlin frame roll forming machine CZU steel purlin roll froming machine Galvanized Metal C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine Automatic CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine Steel Frame CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine 

Storage Rack Roll Forming Machine

Storage Upright Roll Forming Machine

Heavy duty Storage rack rolling machine C type storage rack sheet metal rolling machine Storage rack machine used cold roll forming equipment Servo control feeding storage racking forming machine Aluminum storage rack roll forming machine storage rack roll forming machine long warranty Heavy duty storage rack roll forming machine Metal storage rack /upright pillar roll forming machine Storage shelf upright pillar roll forming machine Metal Shelving /Cheaper Storage Rack roll forming machine Storage Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Roll Forming Machine Storage rack shelf frame roll forming machine Supermarket rack shelf making machine 

Storage Beam Roll Forming Machine

High speed galvanized Storage beam roll forming machine Storage rack beam machine 

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

C purlin cable tray roll forming machine Galvanized Steel Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Competitive price Steel Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine cantilever type cable tray roll forming machine Fully Automatic Cable Tray Cold Roll Forming Perforated Cable Tray Cold Roll Forming Machine Cable Tray Manufacturing Machine Galvanized Steel Cable Tray Making Machine Steel Cable Tray Making Roll Forming Machine PLC Automatic Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine Punching Press Machine cnc punching machine video Hydraulic punching machine for block dies 

Solar PV Bracket Roll Forming Machine

Automatic solar PV panel roll forming machine solar panel pv aluminum roll forming machine PV Panel Mounting Bracket Roll Forming Machine Hot sale pv panel bracket roll forming machine Solar PV Roll Forming Machine Definition Metal Solar PV Forming Machine Solar PV Panel Rolling Machine Metal Solar PV Panel Forming Machine PV Solar Panel Making Machine 

Guardrail (Highway) Roll Forming Machine

highway guardrail specifications roll forming machine Metal ​highway guardrail roll forming machine Trinity Industries Guardrail Roll Forming Machine High productivity ​Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Road Barrier & Guardrail Making Machine Three Wave & Guardrail Making Machine W Beam Guard Rails Roll Forming Machine Guardrail Steel Crash Barrier Forming Machine Two Wave Highway Guardrail Forming Machine Highway Guardrail Steel Sheet Roll Forming Machine Highway Guardrail Making Machine Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine Aluminium Galvanized Highway Guard Roll Forming Machine Highway Guardrail Making Machine Automatic Three Wave Highway Guardrail Machine W Beam Guard Rails Making Machine W Guard Rail Roll Forming Machine Highway Safety Guardrail Machine With Rail Temporary Guardrail Making Machine Temporary Guardrail Roll Forming Machine 

Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

Round Downpipe Roll Forming Machine

automatic round downspout roll forming machine flying saw round downspout roll formng machine Aluminum downpipe gutter roll forming machine automatic downspout steel square round pipe machine Highly polished downpipe roll forming machine Mould cutting downpipe roll forming machine Color Steel Rain Pipe Roll Forming Machine galvanized steel round downpipe / downspouts machine Steel downpipe roll former making machine 

Square Downspipe Roll Forming Machine

Aluminum square downpipe gutter machine Factory sale aluminium downpipe Rain gutter making machine square round downpipe roll forming making machine Metal Gutter Shaping Machine Downspouts Machine For Sale Galvanized Steel Downpipe Roll Former High Quality Downspout Roll Forming Equipment Galvanized Downspout Roll Forming Machine Square tube mill welding line Square tube mill welding machine 

Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine

Galvanized standing seam roof panel machine Standing Seam Roll Forming Machine Standing Seam Making Machine Galvanized standing seam roll forming machine Cold Standing Seam Making Machine Standing Seam Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine Metal standing seam roll forming machine Could Standing Seam Making Machine Roof Sheet Standing Seam Making Machine Standing Seam Metal Roll Forming Machine Hot Sale Standing Seam Machine Metal Standing Seam Folding Machine 

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine roller shutter door forming machine roll-up door roll forming machine Customer used steel shutter door roll forming machine High quality used steel door shutter forming machine Rolling slats shutter door forming machine Roller Steel Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Fully Automatic roller shutter doors suppliers Roll Up Garage Door Machinery Perforated Roller Shutter Door Machine Roller Shutter Door Making Machine Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Roller Shutter Slats Door Roll Forming Machine Door Frame Roll Forming Machine Roll Shutter Door Machine and Slide Machine Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machines Metal Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine Metal Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine Metal Roller Shutter Making Machine 

Light Keel Roll Forming Machine

Stud And Track Light Keel Forming Machine

Light Steel Keel Cold Roll Forming Machine stud and track light keel forming machine automatic light keel roll forming machine automatic light keel making machine Ceiling Light Keel Roll Forming Machine Stud Track roll forming machine light steel stud track making machine steel stud and track roll forming machine Steel light keel track forming machine Customized angle keel roll forming machine stud and track ceiling keel forming machine Light steel roll forming machine Light Keel Stud and Track Forming Machine C profile light keel roll forming machine Stud And Track Keel Forming Machine stud and track light keel making machine C/U profile stud and track forming machine double out light keel forming machine Elegant appearance light keel forming machine Galvanized Stud Track Roll Forming Machine 

Omega Light Keel Forming Machine

Galvanized metal omega keel roll forming machine Omega Keel Roll Forming Machine Metal Omega Roll Forming Machine Automatic Omega Roll Forming Machine Omega Light keel Making machine Metal Omega Light Keel Making Machine Double Out Celling Roll Forming Machine Manual Light Steel Keel Forming Machine Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine Double Out Light Keel Rolling Machine Light Hat Keel Roll Forming Machine Metal Hat Light Steel Keel Machine 0-45m/min speed light keel roll forming machine 

Ceiling Light Keel Forming Machine

T Grid automatic ceiling keel roll forming machine Cross Tee Grid Making Machine Keel Metal ceiling light keel roll forming machine Lower price T Ceiling Suspended Machine Suspended Ceiling T Grid Forming Machine Ceiling Tee bar roll forming machine Ceiling Panel Rolling Machine Ceiling Tee bar Making machine Ceiling Panel Making Machine of different shape T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid 

Angle Keel Forming Machine

Angle Light Keel Roll Forming Machine Keel Roll Forming Machine Double out light keel roll forming machine Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine Automatic Angle Roll Forming Machines Angle Bar Keel Roll Forming Machine Metal Angle Iron Roll Forming Machine Metal Angle Roll Forming Machine Automatic Angle Making Machines Meshy type angle iron machine Angel Light Steel Keel Making Machine 

Thread Rolling Machine

Steel Rod Thread Rolling Machine With High Quality Rebar thread rolling machine Z28-80 hydraulic machine Hydraulic cutting factory price thread rolling machine Circular thread rolling machine Thread rolling dies bolt screw rolling machine Wood screw thread rolling machine Rebar thread rolling machine threaded rods making machine automatic thread rolling rolling machine making Thread Rolling Machine rebar threading machine Z28-630 construction rebar used thread rolling machine Fully Automatic Screw Rolling Machine Hydraulic Z28-150 Thread Screw Rolling Machine Z28-200 thread rolling dies manufacturers Machine For Making Screw Thread Rolling Z28-250 Thread Rolling Machine Z28-650 Thread Rilling Machine For Sale KB-30A Thread rolling machine High Efficiency thread rolling machine for sale Hydraulic thread rolling machine for stud bolts Automatic Screw Rolling Machine 

Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line

Colorful stone coated roof tile production line Villa used durable color roofing tile making machine stone coated roofing tile production line Color stone coated roofing tile production line Metal stone roofing tile making machine stone coated roof tile rolling machine for sale Stone Covered Metal Roofing Machine Stone Coated Metal Roofing Product Line Low consumption ​Stone Coated Metal Roofing Product Line Colorful Stone Coated Production Line Coated Steel Roof Tile Forming Machine Stone Coated Roof Tile Roll Forming Machine Stone Coated Roof Tile Production Line HIgh Efficiency Stone Coated Production Line Stone-coated Production Line For Roofing Sheet Stone-Coated Roofing Sheet Machine Stone Coated Roof Making Machine Stone Coated Production Line Machine Metal Stone Roofing Tile Machine Stone Coated Steel Roofs Product Line 

Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS sandwich roof panel production line machine Roof Panel EPS sandwich machine production line EPS Sandwich Roof Panel Production Line High quality aluminum EPS sandwich machine Galvanized EPS sandwich roof panel forming machine EPS Sandwich Roof Wall Panel Machine roof wall sandwich panel roll forming machine Rock wool sandwich panel roll forming machine Low Price EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line Sandwich Roof Panel Roll Forming machine EPS Sandwich Panle Roll Forming Machine Rock Wool Sandwich Production Line EPS Sandwich Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine EPS Sandwich Production Line Sandwich Panel Making Machine Line Prices Sandwich Wall Panel Making Machine Line EPS Wall Panel Making Machine Line EPS Sandwich Panel Making Machine roof wall sandwich panel making machine EPS Roof Wall Panel Roll Froming Machine 

Straightening Machine

High precision straightening machine leveling machine Metal plate straightening leveling machine Straighten Leveling Machine Cut to Length Line steel plates leveling machine straightening machine Steel Straighten Cut to Length Line Hot sale double level former machine Straighten leveling machinery equipment struction system straighten cut to length and slitting machine high quality simple cuting and slitting machine Cut To Length With Settling With Leveling Machine Steel frame Straightening Machine 

Shearing Machine

Electric shearing machine with movable blade system Hydraulic Guillotine shearing machine Cheaper cutting machine small shearing machine Factory price hydraulic plate guillotine shearing machine High efficiency electronic shearing machine Automatic Hydraulic guillotine shearing machine New Style Electric Shearing Machine Color sheel sheet Shearing Machine New Metal shearing machine Hydraulic shearing machine working principle 

Welding Rod

Welding Rod E7018

Welding Rods E7018 2.5mm 3.2mm 4.0mm 5.0mm AWS E7018 electrode carbon steel welding rod 

Customized Welding Rod E6013

Mild steel electrodes welding rod aws e6013 300-450mm length electrode welding rod Hot Sale Electrode Carbon Steel Welding Rods Electrode Carbon Steel Welding Rods 

Long Span Roll Forming Machine

Long Span Roll Forming Machine Long Span Curving Roof Building Machinery Large-Span Roll Forming Machine Colorful Roof Cold Large span roll forming machine Long Span Roofing Sheet Production Line Color Metal Large Span Making Machine K STEEL TYPE SPAN STEEL ROOFING MACHINE Color Metal Long Span Making Machine Color Long Span Roof Tile Machine Large Span Roll Forming Machine Steel Long span Roof Roll Forming Machine Color Large Span Roofing Making Machine Large Span Arch Sheet Roll Forming Machine Long span forming machine for steel roofing 

Steel Angle Roll Froming Machine

Steel Angle roll forming machine Gear Box Drive Steel Angle Machine Angle Bar Roll Froming Machine Zinc Steel Angle roll forming machine Iron Angle roll forming machine 2 mm Iron Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine L Shape Angle Forming machine Galvanized Steel Angle Roll Forming machine 

PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Coils

PPGI Prepainted Galvanized Coils Color steel coils PPGI ASTM AISI GB 600-1500 Prepainted Galvanized steel coils Lower price PPGI steel coils 

Galvanised Steel Coils

Lower Price Galvanised Steel Coils SGCC galvanized steel coils Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Coils 0.2-3 mm Cold Rolled Galvanized Steel Coils Z275 Galvanized Steel Coils G550 Galvanized steel coils 

Auto Metal Pipe Cutting Machine

Auto Metal Pipe Cutting Machine Metal Tube Cutting Machine Automatic squre pipe cutting machine Auto Round Pipe Cuttting Machine 

H Beam Welding Line

H Beam Welding Line Automatic H Beam Welding Line Assembling Welding Straightening H Beam Welding Line Automatic Beam Welding Line 

Tube Mill Line

Tube Mill line Tube welding line Steel Pipe welding Line Steel Round Pipe Welding Line Steel Square Pipe Welding Line 

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